I Think I Ooopsed! Help!


6 Years
May 2, 2013
I have my incubator in a very small bathroom that is never used. On day 21, seven chicks emerged out of 40. I was removing them to their heated apartment and it turns out that I didn't close the lid of the bator properly, so obviously the temperature dropped inside the incubator, especially around the edges of the lid. (Sorry I was in a hurry and it was dark in there, only illuminated by the red glow of the heat lamp from their receiving box and the lid snagged). The temperature of the little bathroom was never below 80 degrees - the brood light was heating the room as well as keeping the receiving box in the high ninties.
Anyways, only one chick has piped in the last three days - it is day 24 now .
Do you think they are all dead because of the chill? I corrected the lid the next morning. I have never had much success in candling eggs because they are dark brown. Any suggestions? When should I start over?

IceAngel of Stormridge.

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