I think I put them out to soon....


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Im such a newb and hope what I did tonight wont come back to bite me in the *** in the morning.....finally was in the mid 70s today so took the ducklings outside for the first time this afternoon, they loved it, sun bathing, munching on grass and dirt and just enjoying themselves, I put them in a huge wire dog kennel as it was the easiest thing to move about, and thought to myself "this would be a great upgrade from the rubber tote they were in, getting a little crowded I felt....so I decided to set up their brooder in the pole shed rather the insulated room they were in-within the pole shed....I surrounded it with boards, the heat lamp is now a little further away than it was when they were in the tote.....I went to check on them tonight during feeding and they all seemed content (i put a cardboard box with one end cut out, bunch of hay in there as a "nest" and that is where the heat lamp is hovering over (kennel is under the loft stairs and I have the lamp tight securely from there with two lead ropes) all 8 of them were huddled in the nest, didnt see anyone shivering but just looked like they were trying to sleep....so I let them be, but now im reading if they are huddled that means they are cold?! for some reason I thought they all slept in a little bundle....a few got up and stretched/flapped wings while I was there so I feel like they will be OK...ugh im a nervous duck mom!
I wouldn't worry! We got our ducklings from the Farm store just under a week ago and I was fretting over turning their heat lamp off while we were gone for 7 hours today at Easter in Bethel, MN. The thermometer in the utility room read mid 70s and they seemed fine when we got home. We've had a 250 watt bulb hanging about 2 1/2 feet over the brooder (85 gallon rubber tank that will be their pond soon) since we got them except for today. So it is plenty warm in there. About 90+ right under the lamp and 80s in the perimeter. And our ducklings have enjoyed huddling together since the start. The Pekins appear to have paired up already (male and female) and the Khaki Campbells too. But all four huddle together and appear very content after manic periods of eating and dunking their heads in the sour cream containers with custom cut lids we are using for waterers. We are newbies too. So I am no expert but I would be your ducklings are going to be just fine. Good luck.
How old are these ducklings? 90'F the 1st week, 85'F the 2nd, 80'F the 3rd.... And so on. A thermometer is your best tool. Do you have one, and if not, can you get one?
Thanks....theyre going on their 3rd week here....yes I do but they seemed to be attracted to it and loved pooping all over it so I just took it out because they just seemed pretty content---will be heading over there very soon and if they look to chilly, will put them back in the other brooder.
Some folks can sort of rig the thermometers up, maybe we'll get some pics here soon.

By 3 wks, I think some time in 70'F temps should be ok, I guess I'd be concerned about the overnight temperatures. Remember that ducks are flock animals, so in a flock of 8, they're stronger as a group than they would be individually. Plus I have seen broody moms sort of decide that they are about finished brooding around week 4. Just keep an eye on them.

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