I Think I Saw Something While Candling!!!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by FunnyBunnies12, Sep 15, 2010.

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    Today is day 4, and I candled all the eggs, sadly and I'm so mad at my butterfingers, one slipped out of my fingers and it fell and broke. It was the smaller egg out of the 10 I was incubating, so maybe blessing however I opened it up and sure enough there is/was something in the center of it with a little vain or whatever at the end/side of the yolk but not red. What do you think?? Here is a comparison of the yolks to before incubation when one rabbit went into the igloo and stepped on one, and the one that I candled and slipped out of my fingers during the 4 day incubation.

    See how nothing is in/on the yolk it's perfectly clear with nothing in the center or edges?

    If you see on the left hand side of the yolk you'll see the white spot, and then on the right side of the yolk just off the side a white vain like thingy.

    I'm so mad at myself that I had butterfingers that would have been my "Pee Wee"!

    The others I'm still not quite sure on because I haven't washed the eggs and where the yolk stops it's on a dirty spot, the eggs aren't terribly dirty at all, but enough to hinder the view. There are 2 that I'm pretty convinced I see blood vessles and something like what this one I broke had, even with a little bit of debri on the eggs there is definitely a difference.

    Now the 5 the female laid but has yet to sit on I see yolks for sure now, and they are a nice size! I just wish she would sit! It's so tempting as much as I shouldn't can't or it wouldn't be good to incubate these 5. I mean how long should I let them sit out there and wait for her to lay or take them and use them or try to incubate them in something else?? I won't candle again until the weekend to check for further development.

    For for the trained eye, what do you make of the before/after pictures?
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    You cannot add more eggs to the current incubation process. They will have different due dates, which does not work with the current lock down time frame.
  3. FunnyBunnies12

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    I know, i won't add any more. It's just so tempting being new to all this and seeing what I can get. If I did end up doing the other 5, I would do it in another incubator of some sort. But what did you make of the pictures in comparison?
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    The broken appears to have the fertility disk on the left. That is where it all starts from, so sadly it was starting to develop. I guess it was not meant to be after breaking. Let your duck do what she is doing, perhaps she does go broody. Regardless you will have a messy winter on hand, because you will have to house the babies in a heated room until January. There is always next year for hatching more.
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    Funny that you should say housing in a warm room, I'm cleaning my basement up and making room to be able to do that, that is where I keep my litter box trained house rabbits when they aren't running around. They have their own room, my bunnies and soon to be duckies(I hope) own our basement. I guess knowing where that all begins gives me hope! My kids will be so excited as I if I see more development by this weekend :)

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