I think I stressed out my 2.5 week olds

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    I put them out in the run 2 days ago in a temporary brooder with heat lamp to let them get aquainted with my (6) 5 week olds. They were out there 2 days and I let them out in the run a few times and locked them in at night. I kept tabs on the temp in the brooder and it was stable at 87 degrees day and night. All seemed well. They were having a blast running around and playing.

    Yesterday I noticed one was a little lethargic and by yesterday evening they were all huddling puffed up and not moving around much. I brought them back in the house. Gave them vinegar water and some yogurt, but they don't appear to be eating. They sleep all the time.

    Now I need some guidance with supportive care. I have some liquid b complex but I don't know how much to give them. I have the yogurt and the vinegar water. Should I be forcing fluids in them now.

    FYI their poop looks fine. One baby had one that was watery but then had a normal looking one just a little while later and I havn't seen any blood. My 5 week olds are healthy as can be. Thanks.
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    :) Well I'm going to assume that from how quiet it's been here that I'm doing everything right. I did give the little roo some vinegar water with a syringe and he was standing on his feeder when I got home from dropping off the kid at school.

    I'm still curious about the liquid b complex... how much should be administered? Just seems easier than crushing a pill.
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    so I found this using google.

    Poultry: 2 tsp b complex per gallon of water... I mixed it up and they're drinking it so I guess we'll just keep an eye on it.

    I'm going to go check in with tread killers anonymous now... I'm feeling kinda lonely. [​IMG]
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    My guess is that they either got too cold (2.5 weeks old is too young to be outside unless with a broody hen), or they picked up coccidia (and just don't have the diarrhea yet, some do not ever get diarrhea- as they die before). If they are not, or were not on medicated start prior and during the few days outside- then get them on it now, and probably check out the coccidiostats at the feed store. Look up the home remedies for coccidia support as well. Also I would not mix 2.5 week olds and 5 week olds, as the younger ones will be stressed and picked on (or killed). Stress & harassment by other birds will make the temp or coccidia stress worse.

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    I'm going to keep them inside for another 2 weeks then try again. The older chickens ignored the babies as far as I could tell and now that the little ones are back inside they seem to be ok. I'm going to keep them on the b complex today. When would be a good time to reintroduce? Is 2 more weeks going to be enough?
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    have you tried bird vitamins. Vita-Flight is a dry powder that i got at one of the chain pet stores. i had some issues with my chicks at about this age and strong vita flight solution in water given with a dropper got them their strength back after a few days. about 1 tsp in a tincture bottle was what i gave. then weaker solution (a teaspoon in the pint-sized baby chick waterer) for several more weeks. might have been a vitamin deficiency that is just catching up with them now as they grow so fast. but i agree it seems too soon to have had them out without a mama hen.
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    If they seem totally normal now, they were probably chilled. I don't put my chicks outside until they are fully feathered at 8-1o weeks old, and have been off of supplemental heat for a week or so. Even then, I still put them in a crate at night, so they can keep each other warm. I would introduce them to other birds when they are of similar size, to decrease picking on each other. Also I keep them in a covered dog x-pen so they can see the adults, and the adults can see them- but no one can get attacked- for 2 weeks, during this time they continue to eat their medicated chick crumbles (and the adults can't).


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    I'll keep that in mind. I'm really new to chickens, and I learned a valuable lesson. Don't listen to the one person (my neighbor) who says it's ok to put then out at 2 weeks. Listen to the 47 people that tell you to wait till they're 4 weeks.
    They all seem to be doing better now with food heat water and quiet. I'll let you know if anything changes.

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