I think I want to raise quail, tell me what I need to know first.


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I've got a 10x30 pen. I have never raised quail before but have had every other kind of bird imaginable. I am wanting to raise to sell for meat and to people wanting quail to train dogs with. I think I want bobwhite's so tell me the pros and cons before I get into this little adventure.
Pros: GREAT Flyers, have more meat (heavier), fun.
Cons: Take a long time to get full weight, AGGRESSIVE( If you have 1 male with 3 hens that may work
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First off, Howdy Neighbor..... When I saw that avatar, I knew you were my kinda folk.......Hotty Toddy!!
Seriously, Mandy.........go get some Red Bull......or 5-Hour-Energy's..........stay on this board, and read, read, read.........I promise you won't find better info in any book written than right here on this board. There's some very experienced and knowledgable folks on here...... (excluding me), and no matter what the question is, you'll get your answer pretty quick. Stay tuned...
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More like 3 hens to a cock or less. Pairs seem to be the best way. If you want to sell a lot of meat + eggs and very efficiently go with coturnix. If you want the best tasting and best flying go with a bobwhite. Coturnix take 6-8 weeks to lay while bobwhites take 22+ weeks. The downside to coturnix is that they suck at flying, but make good doggie chew toys. They are also great pets if you don't have the heart to kill them.
Any more than three hens to a cock and fertility won't be that good. Pairs are the best way I have found, but many people have sucess in colonies trios, ext.
You can do what ever you like in the big pen!

Is that 10 feet by 30 feet or 10 inches by 30 inches?

It really depends, and a 10 foot by 30 foot pen is....OVERCOMPENSATING...at best

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