I think it is M and F


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What kinds are these two going to be? Pretty sure one is male and other is female b/c of the primary feathers and barring on the one. I also included pics of my other three


Top picture two (2) Blue Hens and in back ground Spalding Hen.

Middle Picture two (2) Males

Bottom Picture one (1) Male and one (1) Hen

I just thought I would sex them all for kicks
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here is another shot of the two younger ones. the one is barred and has the burnt orange primaries
Also, those are not trash bags in the background.lol. that is a 100 foot black tarp that I had going around the pen to keep the dogs away until I just got rid of the dog causing the problems. I can't seem to get the one post out of the ground, so now the Doberman sleeps on it and plays guard dog to the birds at night to keep the coons away
Both are still Hens the barring is not on the wings and the older she gets the less barring she will have.


Blue Hen / Texas Peafowl
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Thank you. That actually works out even better for me since I already have two males. I really cant wait to breed my silver pied next season. It will be my first time breeding them. I want to see what they come out as, or at least, how successful I am at doing this on the first try.
But you can tell that they are Blues? That was actually what I cared about the most. lol. I figured by breeding season I will know the sex, but I am impatient about the color.
my pied female and see if I can get this one that my mom has that I don't know what the color is to breed. Might be a little early for her, but I am going to try. I posted a few pics of her to see if anyone knows what kind she is. I am also going to try and see if my blues are ready. If all else fails, at least I will breed my pied female (the one in the pic) to him.

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