I think Lucy might be a boy...


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Jun 2, 2012
So, my ducks are about 5 months old now - I was told they were both girls, but I'm starting to think otherwise. Lucy, the black magpie, doesn't like to quack, unless (s)he is really bothered by something. Her buddy the runner mix makes all the noise. I listened to some quacks online, and the male duck sounds that I heard sound a lot like my magpie.

On the other hand, I've read that the males have a curly tail feather, but I don't see that on my magpie. Can anybody tell anything more from the pictures?

She looks like a girl without the 3 curled tail feathers. I have some girls that quack all the time and some that only do it if they are irritated.
I have a crested Magpie, looks sort of like yours except mine's topknot is white - anyway, she rarely quacks. When she does, it's a deep sounding quack. I think yours is a gal as well. If it were a boy, it probably would be mating the other duck. Of course, sometimes the gals do the fake mating thing as well.
Hopefully they are both girls so they wo t breed with those crests. (it's a atal gene in ducks, never breed crested with crested).

Girls- quack - not all girls talk all of the time.
Boys- whasp + drake curl on the tail.
It's possible the drake feather got pulled out before it started curling or something. Two of my 5 month old drakes don't have the drake feathers and I have heard all drake feathers mean drake, but not all drakes have them.
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