I think my chick has TBI

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    We had a predator get 2 of my daughter's 5 week old market chickens. Whatever it was took one and left one with blood on its head. My husband bathed it to see what was going on. It has a bloody spot on the back of its head. It's alive, standing and will eat from my hand but it's standing with its head against the side of the box we have it in. Head cocked to one side and not responding to sound. My gut says brain injury . I really don't want to try hand feeding a meat bird for the rest of its life and my gut says it shouldn't be alive. So, what's the best way to cull a 2lb bird? I haven't had to do it and prefer hands off but fast. Shotgun?
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    Shotgun is easiest. I also cull with hatchet. I've read others that put them in the freezer. I think that's mostly newborn chicks. Haven't used that method myself. Not judging anyone, It just doesn't seem humane to me.....but it's hard either way you choose. Unfortunately it's something we have to face as farmers.

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