I think my chick is blind


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I have a 5 day old barred rock chick that has not opened its eyes yet, is acting VERY lethargic(I think this is because its not eating due to not seeing the food) I've gotten it to drink by repeatingly dipping its beak in water. Its poop is watery and white. This morning, I did the water thing again before going to work. My husband just called me, he just got home from work, and the other chicks are picking at the blind one, and now its missing part of its beak
What should I do? Its also VERY small compared to the rest. I know its not going to make it, but I'm having a hard time just leaving it alone and letting it pass away on its own. I noticed by day 2 that something was wrong with its eyes, and have left it alone for nature to do its thing. Nature is taking its sweet time, and I prob prolonged it by making it drink.
I would euthanize the chick and end it's suffering.If you can not do it perhaps your husband can.
This is never an easy thing to do but is the best thing sometimes to end the suffering of another living being.
You have nothing to feel guilty about,you were trying to help the chick so it would make it.
I am sorry you have to deal with such a bad situation.
I agree with Chipper, I've had to do it before myself and it's not an easy thing to do. Time to end the suffering quickly or the other chicks will continue picking at it.
I'm sorry! You need to cull the chick, to end its suffering.

You don't want the other chicks to end its suffering (it will be much more drawn out that way)...
Well, my husband just called. He "took care of it"

For future reference, what, in your opinion, is the most humane way to put a chicken down?

Wow, its amazing that after only 5 days, I'm already so attached to the little fuzz balls!
yes plz explain... I have no clue what cervical dislocation is either...

and very sorry bout your chick Duchessk75..

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