I think my chicken are not laying because they are old. How do I find their age?


Jun 4, 2020
Hello everyone. I got 8 hens last week and I was told they are at the age when they just started laying. They looked older, but I'm no expert. But now that a week later I still only get 1-2 eggs a day worries me, and I really want to find out how old they are.
Here are some pictures, maybe it's enough for someone to tell me.
Thanks for everyone who can help me with this!
Nov 28, 2017
They do look older and bit beat. But I’d guess they’re no older than 2 yrs at the most. They’re probably not laying great as they still need to settle in, moving is stressful and stress means no eggs. Give them some time and you should have plenty of eggs.


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Dec 11, 2009
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See that little paper clip at the bottom of a reply window? Click on that and it takes you to your computer files. Select the file on your computer where the photos are, and click "open". Then select the pic(s) you want, by holding down the command key if there's more than one.

Next select the size. Click on "full size all images" since that allows for the best detail and lets us zoom in.

Chances are your new chickens are merely adjusting to their new digs and they will start to lay soon.


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Sep 9, 2019
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Let them settle in a bit like a month and make sure they have everything they need to make them happy. They look like they may have had a bit of a rough life judging by how their feathers look.

I have a RIR that’s 4 who stopped laying for her previous owner so they no longer wanted her. I gave her about a month and pretty much gave her everything she would need or want... She’s been laying every single day since.

Chickens need to be given an adjustment period when being brought to a new location. They’ll adjust and get back to their new normal.

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