I think my chicken has esophagus problems.

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  1. Nancy P

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    Apr 16, 2016
    I am new to raising chickens. Can a chicken strain hard enough when first laying eggs enough to hurt themselves? I have a Dominique chicken that is just over 21 weeks old. About 5 days ago I noticed she was acting funny, kind of lethargic. We had to go away for a few days so we loaded them up with food and water. When we came back she was really dumpy. I did some research and thought she had an impacted crop so i did what was recommended. I gave her 1cc of apple sauce and 2 ducolax. I kept her in a cage all day with water, the next day the lump is still there so I gave her small amounts of Epsom salt water. 1 tsp per cup of water.
    If the crop is on the right side of her body, this lump is on the left and has ridges like its her esophagus. What should I do? In the last few days she has runny poop with some grass in it and has not laid any eggs. Maybe she hasn't started yet?

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