i think my chicken is a dwarf...will she be ok when she lays an egg?

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  1. wnthunting

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    Jun 10, 2011
    Hello..i just started raising chickens this year... i have 11 rir. Hens which i hatched myself...one hen is litteraly half the size of the rest...shes been that way since day one. She is our favorite and her name is peanut . I think she might be a dwarf. The hens are 15 weeks old and a few started laying already. I am curious if my little chicken will be able to handle laying an egg? Will her eggs just be smaller? Or will she lay a large egg like the other hens? We re worried that she is to small to lay a large egg. Please tell me what you think.[​IMG] this is peanut...15 weeks old
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    We have several chickens that are mutts, but two are MUCH smaller (1/2 size) than the rest. One I believe to behalf bantam. That said, they both lay normal size eggs (all mine are medium size from chickens that are less than a year).

    She'll be fine. Just keep loving her!
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    Our Golden Comet, NeeNee, looks exactly like yours. She is the runt of the litter and looks like a Bantam, but is the best forager of the flock. She lays normal sized eggs.
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    Most likely some banty genes in her. The good news is that's fine and she should lay accordingly.
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    Quote:LOL I have a "NeeNee" too! But mine is a silkie! [​IMG]

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