I think my hamsters head is not screwed on enough....


8 Years
Jun 6, 2011
Hugging a Chicken
Since the first time I got him... he's been.... well.... discombobulated. I just watched him as he crawled ON HIS BACK, into a paper towel tube, then crawled all the way through it... ON HIS BACK STILL. And came out the other end.... ON. HIS. BACK.
He will often fall over and trys for serval minutes to get up before he accomplishes it. Often I will give his a lil push up... but really, have any of you seen a hamster do this???!!!

Squeak sleeping, ON HIS BACK.

Squeak cuddling Pip, ON HIS BACK.

Squeak sleeping, ON HIS BACK. Again.

Squeak on my lap, ON HIS BACK.

Squeak in my hand, ON HIS BACK.

Either way, I love him. Sweetest hamster eva! But a little whacked in the head....
It's most likely an inner ear problem, generally in that case they get worse over time to the point they can't maintain equilibrium at all and need to be euthanized. It's often caused by an infection, so antibiotics might help.
I used to have a duprasi that looked a lot like your little guys and he used to LOVE to be on his back, especially when I held him. I would just turn him on his back and he would fall asleep in my hand for hours. He'd stay there so long, my hand would get all sweaty! I wish I could still find Duprasi in the United States. Last I heard they were no longer allowed to be imported into the US.

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