I think my lil Silkie is egg bound....


8 Years
Mar 9, 2011
I have a Silkie chicken that we've only had for about 2 months. She came as the lowest in the pecking order. 12 days ago she would not come out of the coop, laying there fluffing her feathers when I opened the door to check on her. She has never liked to be touched or held. So later that afternoon I came to the conclusion she must be egg-bound. After researching, the next morning I gave her a warm 20 minute soak in a plastic tub and later that afternoon she birthed an egg :~) After a few hours she was perkier so I let her back in the yard with the other 4 chickens. The very next day she was acting the same again! So...again with another bath but no egg. So I began days and days of inserting KY into her vent and two very warm 30 minute soaks every day. She would always poop in the bath too. And then eat very well after being towel dried. It has now been 11 days and still no egg :~( I can feel a lump/buldge at the base of the vent but when I (gloved) inserted my finger I do not feel anything! WEIRD. The last few days/nights I have let her stay in the coop. Before I was keeping her in a dog crate on the back porch. I have been taking her out of the coop twice a day and bringing her to the water/food. When I take her out of the coop she usually just lies on the ground for a few minutes. She walks around normally and scratches the dirt and drinks water for about 10 minutes and then right back into the coop she goes. Today I shut the coop doors, hoping she would go take a dirt bath or something but the lil stinker found a way to open the door and went right back into her nest. HOW LONG CAN AN EGG-BOUND CHICKEN LIVE? DO CHICKENS GET CANCER? IS SHE TURNING BROODY? I don't want to see her suffer...but also don't want to have to euthanize her either. help
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she sounds broody, but I can only guess, from all I've read and heard about silkies they go broody easily so if she is acting other wise normal I'd say thats what id is.. you might have to some how keep that door closed if you don't want her to sit, because if they can get to the nest box they will.
She really does sound broody. When she's on her nest, put your hand in front of her face, make it seem like you're going to reach around her to the back. If she growls and rears up her body with her wings out slightly, that's a confirmation that she's broody. If you don't want her broody, search with the keywords "break a broody". It doesn't always work for all silkies, btw
If you're content with her being broody, knowing she won't get eggbound that way, or get into other predicaments, let her sit a few weeks. She should get up on her own once a day to gulp down food, stretch, drink & poo.

Good luck.
Well Silkie puffs up, wings down by her side but doesn't growl or make sounds. Mind you, this bird NEVER let me near it before, I've only had her a short time. So this makes me think she doesn't feel well. If she went broody would she all of a sudden not be afraid of me? And I do feel a large lump in her hind quarters but can't not internally feel an egg. I really appreciate all your thoughts, I love all my lil chickens!

BTW- I have my big hen that got attacked my a neighbor dog last Friday, her tail was bit off. She seems to be doing well except now her cough got worse....any thoughts about that. Her wound was treated with peroxide ( I know now that was probably not the best thing to use) and then I sprayed it with a liquid band-aide ("CAIN" free of course).
So I guess maybe Silkie is Broody!?! I stopped with the twice a day soak and vent checks. I have added some plastic eggs to her nest. She seems quite pleased to climb on them and get comfy! I'll keep you posted. Is it possible she could be egg bound and broody at the same time??
If she was egg bound she would go down hill pretty fast. she won't lay again till she hatches out her plastic chicks, so how are you gonna deal with that? they are never going to hatch. Have you thought of getting a couple chicks to put under her when the time comes? or she'll be sitting forever and getting weaker also from not eating properly.
So, this was the wrong thing to do?? I read somewhere, don't remember where, that this was something done often. I'm confused!
Maybe it is done often I don't know about that, all I am saying is will she sit till she thinks those chicks should hatch or when the 21 days are over will she keep sitting? I have had my share of broodies and it's a hard thing to break but it can be done you just have to be more persistant than them. I am sorry if I confused you hopefully someone who has used plastic or wooden eggs with a broodie will come in and help clear it all up. Just make sure she is getting off the nest to eat and drink.
Is it that important to break the broodiness if we don't have chicks to hatch?? Would it do her harm to just be broody? Thanks for the help :~)

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