I think my Loko is broody!

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    Hi everyone, Loko, who is a buff orpington and will be 10 months old next week, has decided that she wants to sit in the nestbox.


    Last week, she was free ranging with the others, but looking all puffed up. Over the weekend, she just wanted to sit on the nest.
    Loko would puff up when I went into the coop, making funny sounds at me. She even pecked at me a couple of times.
    I've taken her outside several times just to see if I could break her. But she runs around a little bit, pecking at the grass. Won't even eat the treats that everyone else is eating. Then she just runs back into the nest, like there was a magnet! So am I correct that Loko has become broody?

    If she is, should I separate her from the coop? Set up a nesting area in another smaller coop perhaps. I can throw a couple of eggs from the others. I'm also a bit concerned about her eating and drinking. I haven't seen her do either. Do I need to pick her up off the nest so she can eat, drink and poop? Or will she do that on her own?

    I'd really appreciate any advise. I am very surprised that this is happening. But it is getting cool. I guess I'm just a worried chicken-mom.
    Thanks to all for your help.

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    Sep 16, 2009
    She sounds broody to me. you could find out for sure and try to move her when she's sitting. LOL
    I wouldn't separate her myself. if you change her surroundings she most likely won't continue to sit the eggs and If you have other hens they're likely to learn from her, and believe it or not, hens will set even on other hens eggs. They share the load.
    As for her eating,drinking, pooping. She'll do her thing when she needs to. the reason you don't see her do it is because if she hears or sees you she'll go sit to protect them.

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