I think my Olina is an Oliver... : ( What does everyone else think?


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I traded some birds with another BYC'er about a month ago and my daughter really wanted one of her standard Turkens, so I agreed, and we picked out a partridge colored one, very pretty. So we got "her" home, cause even Judy thought it was a she, and as the weeks have progressed Olina has gotten VERY red in the face, and in the last week or so her comb has gotten larger, her wattles have gotten bigger, and while I was at work today apparently my daughter heard her crowing right along with my Sebright roo! I don't know if she heard correctly though cause I have at least 6 roosters out there right now. I have been so busy at work that I wasn't out in the coop for a few days, so my kids noticed it. I still haven't heard her/him do it. I went out this evening and I noticed the same behavior that I always notice, where she/he seems to challenge the pullets, and tonight she/he was bullying my d'uccle pullet rather badly, even got on top and was trying to stand on her back. It wasn't mounting, it was actually a poor attempt at trying to perch on my tiniest pullet of all. I shooed the bully off of my little Millie and her hero Pepsi, my OEGB came to stand in front of her and protect her. Olina didn't mess with her after that. Olina can get a bit aggressive with food too. Not sure if that's a Turken trait? I thought Turkens were suppose to be gentle? My kids don't seem to understand the significance of owning so many roosters, and I tried to explain to my 10 year old that if Olina IS a boy, he has to go, cause I already have A LOT of roos. Of course she tried to tout the benefits of owning a Turken (getting Turken chicks next Spring was her best selling point, and for me it was a weak one). I dunno, is there a definitive way to tell the sex of Turken? My camera broke so I can't post pics. I will attach a few pics of Olina at 8 weeks old when I first got her/him. It's the only ones I have that good.

Front head shot:

Front full body shot:

Side pic:

And a pic of her/his back:

Granted, these pics are a few weeks old, and the bird has grown, feathered out more, and even the feathers look different. They are shinier now, and the head and wattles and comb are so red now they look like a darn strawberry. Can anyone tell from the pictures? Olina is really pretty, for a Turken.
I am really hoping my daughter heard wrong and that Olina is still Olina, and not Oliver. I had bantam Turken eggs I won in an auction back in mid May, but I didn't have my incubator yet, so I asked my neighbor to incubate them, but it looks like none are going to hatch.
So if Olina is a boy, he needs a new home, and my daughter won't have any Turkens at all. I will wait to see what other have to say, and then on my next day off I will go sit out in the coop all day if I have to and wait, cause eventually, if he IS crowing, he'll do it and I will catch him. It'll just be a waiting game...

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Your pictures aren't working since you edited.

I believe it's hen because of the partridge coloring. It wouldn't be the entire body if it were a roo.

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