I Think My Rooster Needs A Sock On His Head

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May 2, 2009
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I have a Polish roo that a couple of days ago I noticed that the back of his neck and over his right eye is missing feathers and is sort of scabby and dry. I have been rubbing vasoline over the area a couple times a day but the poor guy is still itching up a storm. I know he doesn't have mites or any other type of bug so I'm pretty stumped. What else can I do to help him get better? Should I put some sort of anti itch cream like Cortazone or something else. Help Please!!!
Try some Aloe Vera, fresh plant is better, but the gel is ok too. After its on there a good half hour, reapply, then cover it with Bag Balm, or any other very concentrated cream. Ig safe and possible, try to tie a silk scarf around his neck. I know it sounds silly, but silk is very gently, fine and will keep anything clean.
Did you peel off the scab? Polish are very prone to mites in their Top knots............ i thought one of mine had an eye infection but come to find out the poor guy had mites, found them under the scab !!! And I treat all the time for that.....
Nuh uh cuz he had several small scabs above and on his eyelid. Now all the scabbing is gone but he is still itching and I haven't seen any bugs. Oh and if he has mites wouldn't his buddies have caught it to? I had a couple of other roos in with him including 2 more Polish and he is the only one with this problem
... im confuzzled
Vasaline does not moisturize. Its petroleum that just creates a moisture proof barrier.
Try raw coconut oil. Its anti bacterial, anti viral and anti fungal.
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Any health food section of most grocery stores should have it. And all Health Food stores as well.
Just make sure its not processed.
We buy it by the gallon from Wilderness family Naturals, as its one of the main fats in our diet.
Very good for you.
We have used it with success in treating issues with egg binding as well.

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