I think new chick has a cold


11 Years
Mar 13, 2008
Southern Indiana
I went to the feed store this am. to get some MORE chick starter food, and they had one little Buff Orpington male left, so of course I brought him home. I figured since I have 20 egg layer famales I should probably have at least one male right? Since he was a BO. and I have 4 BO girls so he would fit right in... Right? and how could I leave that little boy there all by himself... Right?
Well now he is home and I introduced him to the girls (they are all 5 weeks old) and he fits in like he was always there. But I was watching for a while to make sure and noticed him sneezing, Wet sneezing, So I brought him back in and put him in the baby brooder for a while.
Do you think he needs a buddy with him or will he make her sick too?
Is he really sick or is that something chicks just do? I never noticed my others doing that.
I should have known better than to just throw him in without watching him for a while first!!


11 Years
Feb 21, 2008
Antrim, NH
I would keep him isolated for a couple of weeks first.
Give him a nice stuffed animal buddy for cuddling.
He will be ok for a couple of weeks way better in your house than alone at the feed store

Good luck with the chic and thanks for taking him home,


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Jan 11, 2007
N. Louisiana
When I have a bird with a sneezing/congestion problem I put some ACV, Apple Cider Vinegar, in their water. Usually about 1 tablespoon to a gallon would be enough. But I use the kind of vinegar with the apple sediment, called the mother, still in it. It's not as processed as regular vinegar and it does a better job. The brand most commonly found is Bragg's. Anyway, it can be bought a any health food store and some grocery stores. It works like a charm for congestion.

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