I think one of my eggs is starting to hatch... is this normal?


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Oct 29, 2012
When I got home today I noticed one of the eggs has a small piece of shell missing and it is white underneath. I can see the piece of shell sitting beneath it. I also saw the chicken poke at that area a couple of times. I have not heard any peeping though. The area it has knocked the shell off is kind of off to one side towards the more pointy end of the egg. I have never hatched eggs before so I am not sure how the process works. I know it can take a whole day for a chicken to finally come all the way out of the shell though. Any information is appreciated!!
I am new to this too... and we had one hatch today that is similar to what you described. They actually looked like that since 2:30am and hatched around noon. I kept checking as I was all worried it died in the shell!!! But, it was still poking at it and breathing so I just let it be. It is still trying to fluff up now and we have one more in the midst of hatching!!
If it's pipping near the pointy end, it may be turned around. They're supposed to pip into the air sac at the fat end. I might just put a little tear in the membrane so it can start breathing. I'm not an experienced hatcher, though. Do you see a beak?
I have hatched several that pipped near the pointy end. They usually do fine but occasionally it's because they are so fat (lack of evaporation from high humidity) that they can't turn to finish hatching & need a little assistance. Give it some time & just monitor it for now.
One of them has made quite a large hole and you can see its beak coming through the hole. It will stick out its beak and chirp. It made the hole about 12-15 hours ago and has been slowly making it bigger and bigger.
Both babies have hatched! Ten minutes apart! Walking around the incubator now knocking the other eggs around.

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