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Someone had a thread about chicken laying in the nest box's & she was throwing straw on her back. Well mine is doing the same thing. I feel she wants more privacy. What do ya'll think.? I hate to change anything cause she on a roll. Here's a picture of my box's.
Thanks. I have been told to close the top before. The only reason I have not done it is. I found this coop in the woods on our farm. Its probably 50 years old. It was built by my grandfathers care taker. I moved the coop & used his design figuring he knew alot more about chicken care then I do.
Cool! he probably did know more about chickens, but if your chickens don't like it I would enclose it a bit more.

Mine like 5 gal. buckets (upright) and hay bales, even though they have 6 brand new covered nesting boxes.
I've seen my comet hen doing the same thing with the straw, putting it on her back. I have a covered nest box, so I don't thing the lack of a "lid" is the issue.Maybe it's just her way of rearranging the straw for comfort.
I would not cover the nests; there is no need. She is throwing stuff on her back for camoflage. It's an instinct from when they made nests under bushes, etc. It's not really a matter of privacy, it's a matter of blending in with her surroundings. She will probably do this no matter what kind of nest you provide. No harm done; let her do what she wants to do, I say.

Some of my nests have tops, some do not. They use both.
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Thanks, I've been around the block with these birds & I'll help them. But its time for some eggs. I think your right so Whats the saying if it works don't fix it.
Mine are in nest boxes with tops. It's normal for them to reach for a piece of straw and toss it towards their back. After they lay and hop out, the continue to pick up a piece or two of straw and keep doing the same for about five minutes. Normal stuff.
Mine was doing that too. She went from box to box picking straw and tossing it onto her back . Then she would hop back into her box, shake and repeat several times. being new i thought they all did this...

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