I think that I have a respiratory problem on my hands. (long-winded)

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    Apr 13, 2008
    Wilmington, NC
    I’m new to chickens but I am trying my hardest to raise them properly.
    I recently gave a farmer a couple of mis-sexed roos for a 2 month old pullet. She was kept up in the backyard away from my flock for 2 days. She seemed like she was perfectly fine and oh, so sweet. I moved her to a little pen next to my main coop and she has been in there for about 10 days now. About 4 days ago I noticed that every now and then she would make something like a sneezing sound. That was it, no swelling, discharge, behavioral changes…etc.
    Well, today I was working on the hen house and spent about 5 hours with all of the girls. I let the “newbie” free range with the other 5 birds thinking that with all of the space she would not be attacked because everyone would be busy looking for “snacks.” It worked out pretty well. BUT, I noticed that one of my big girls (4 months old) was doing something funny. When she wasn’t eating or chasing the new chick she was standing around with her mouth open. I thought that she was just panting like a dog or something because of the heat.
    Well, now that the kids (and chicks) are in bed I have spent the last 2 hours reading the forum and freaking out. There are so many different illnesses and symptoms! I really need to know where to start.
    I am located in the South, where it has been very hot and humid. We have also had a lot of rain lately, so the ground has been moist. I’ve got a 2 month old that sneezes and a 4 month old that stands with her mouth open. I think that it is called "gaping" but the definition for that includes the bird "extending" their neck out and she doesn't do that. She just stands there with her mouth open sometimes. Those are the only changes/symptoms that they have….everything else they do is completely normal.
    I was thinking about adding garlic to their breakfast and trying to locate some vetrx to rub on beaks and add to water. Is that a good start or do I need to do something drastic. I don’t want to become neurotic and become a hypochondriac about every thing that the birds do that may seem abnormal, but I don’t want to lose all of my birds to something serious.
    I appreciate your help and knowledge in advance with this situation.
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    Feb 8, 2007
    Well, the birds will pant if they get too hot and will often hold their wings out a bit from their bodies.
    But, right away, you should have quarantined the new one for a lot longer than 2 days, 2 weeks at least and well away from the others.

    The problem could be she had something she was not exhibiting, but it could also be the change of weather being hot, humid and damp all at the same time. This happens.

    Garlic is always a good idea no matter if they are sick or not, and you can do the Vet RX, it won't hurt them any. If you are really concerned you could get them some Terramycin to add to their water but I usually only use antibiotics as a last resort, and I had a really bad case of something this past spring. At the time for me, it was weather related, and I was forced to use antibiotics. I had bought Tylan powder, but thats just me, Tylan is the best you can have IMO, and I knew I had something bad. Anyway, Vitamins and Electrolytes during any change in weather is always a good idea as a preventative.
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    do try and get them some electrolytes for the heat.

    just keep a watch on behavior, change in droppings, change in appetite..
    sometimes dust will cause sneezing..but no harm in keeping close eye on that one.
    if symptoms increase..such as mucus, or wheezing,, swollen eyes or wattles/head..
    go with an antibiotic, such as Tylan. either powder, or Tylan 50 injectible.
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    Apr 13, 2008
    Wilmington, NC
    Thank you so much for your help! I never thought that chickens would be so hard to care for sometimes.
    We had a lot of rain here today...leftovers from that storm that his Florida last week...but every time there was a break in the clouds I went out to watch for signs and symptoms. I seperated the little sneezer and noticed that the older one that was holding her mouth open yesterday is acting perfectly normal now.
    I just hope that I have not damaged my big birds with this little one. I'm going to see how the vitamins and vetrx do for her sneezing. There are no new symptoms to report, so if this is just a little something that she picked up from the stress of moving from a dusty, dry old farm to my marshfront home how long should I give her to get over this?
    (My husband is freaking out and saying that we should cull her before she gets all of our birds sick. [​IMG] )
    I think that he is being paranoid.
  5. son-n-lawschicks

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    Aug 5, 2008
    I am new to chickens also and my chickens started out like that. judging from the symptoms mine was crd. i give 30 chickens 2 shots a day. i bout some chickens from a public sale and did not know to quarantine them. it was a self correcting problem though. my mother always said a lesson bought is a lesson learned. i also use tylan 50. went through a bottle and about a third now. i have lost 4 out of about 45. its real hard on the bantams. good luck!!!!
  6. sammi

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    it's always good to have Tylan 50 injectable on hand, or LS-50...

    I would keep a close eye on her for 2 days..if she continues, or gets worse..like I mentioned in my earlier post,
    treat with antibiotic.

    your husband is not being paranoid.

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