I think this would work for a simple coop?

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  1. Susique333

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    Sep 22, 2012
    Omaha, Nebraska
    Im still in the planning stages and am deciding on coop designs for 4-5 full sized hens. I came across this $299 4'W x 6'L x 6' H "No Rust No Rot" double walled garden shed kit that I think would be perfect with an attached run!
    Any ideas on putting in more ventilation for hot summers and wintertime humidity? Thanks for any answers.
  2. PFSfarmer

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    Sep 25, 2012
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    I suppose the end I am looking at you would leave the full door for you to go in and out of? I suppose you could call it a man door. Then down low in the bottom of it I would put a chicken door or a chicken door on the other end. Sounds like either way you will need another man door in your chicken run incase you need to get inside.

    Is the vent above the door a dummy vent for looks or is it functional? Does the window on the side open and is there one on the other side? I think if there is a vent on each end and that window is functional the only thing I might add is a vent down low. This way the cool air comes in and the hot air out creating sort of a natural thermo dynamic situation.
  3. ailurophile23

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    Dec 21, 2010
    You might also be able to put a vent into the human door too. Or cut out and screen a section on the human door for more ventillation during hot weather. Definitely need to know if there are other windows or vents on the sides we can't see. 4'x6' should provide a large enough coop for 4-6 hens.
  4. Gracie9205

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    May 20, 2010
    Lake Charles, LA
    Needs a little extra ventilation as the others have pointed out, but otherwise I think it would make a great coop! You could have a whole coop/run setup for less than $400. I think it would make a great coop!

    What material is it made out of? If it is made out of plastic, then it would be super easy to cut some new "windows" for ventilation. Just cover the opening with hardware cloth, use a screw and washer to hold the cloth on, and viola! If you cut the squares neatly you could maybe put some hinges on them to reattach as shutters for rainy days.

  5. Susique333

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    Sep 22, 2012
    Omaha, Nebraska
    Thank you for the responses! I am going to go to Menards (they have them in stock) and get a real good look at this thing and it's openings. I have scoured the internet, ebay, Amazon.com for a sturdy plastic shed and this is by FAR the best and cheapest. This would be set up under a large maple tree we have for shade in the summer and my son said he could set up a outdoor fan if needed when it is hot. Nebraska summer nights can hover in the 80s.

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