I thinks its Avian Pox (PIC Included)

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    Started with 25 hens from a breeder in Norco, Caa( i will not slander them on a thread, you can PM me if you want thier name) and i lost 5 to Mereks. now it seems almost 3/4 of my flocks has avian Pox. if you think this is Pox and you have solutions for me, please post on thread so others can learn. some of these birds are no vaccinated for anything. mixed flock, mixed ages from 3 different breeders. they live in a 64 sq foot coop. deep litter method, eat phase 6 18% lay mash from reputable mill, free range on .6 acre property. also, egg production has plummetted to less than 30% of peak production. i live in So cal. so no snow, little rain but i do get below freezing a couple times per year.

    I think that will answer most of the questions to keep the thread simple, clean and open for solutions.
    Im not sure if i am doing something wrong

    Thank you BYC, you are always so helpful.

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    Hi, looks like avian pox to me, and I was told there is no cure once they have it. Took about 4 weeks for my chickens to be all cleared up.
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    If it is Pox, it is a virus. It has to run its course. Just keep an eye out that it doesn't develop in the mouth or throat, it can stop breathing. That looks like a bed case, how many days has she had the sores. It takes 3-4 weeks to run from first sore.
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    You have to let it run its course, like others have said. That being said, there are preventative vaccinations for chickens for the prevention of avian pox if you use it before they actually have it. There are loads of people who are against it but I don't care, I'd rather have them go through 1 week of pain (it's a wing web inoculation) than have them get pox and go through that mess for a month and be scarred, blind and worse case scenario, dead. There are probably other brands out there but I chose Poxine and the second they hit 6 weeks, they're getting it.

    I'm sorry they're going through this, and I'm sorry you are witness to all that discomfort of your flock. =( I wouldn't be too quick to blame the breeder though; Avian Pox is viral and can be spread to chickens via all sorts of avenues:
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