I thought of a name for my chicken coop. What do you all think

LOL well; its true..they do
This is my coop. At least part of it for now. It is an old coop with an addition on it. It use to be my dad's shop. My DH let me have part of the right side which houses my present poopalots. But,now he is turning a different building into his shop. So,he is letting me have the WHOLE building.
I can't wait till he gets all his tools and stuff out of it so I can redesign and have some pens built inside. I don't have a lot of room around the building for more runs. They will be smaller than what you see there. Our property line behind there is very close,our pool is back to the left,so don't want run on that side. I can do a little more space for run on the right side. https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/uploads/51310_dscn1480.jpg[/
Pam, Is that the chickens family name? Like ...

Papa Poopalot
Prince Poopalot
Patsy Poolalot
Peter Poopalot
Percy Poopalot
Panelopy Poopalot


Yadda dadda dadda Yadda dadda dadda
Well now how do you feel about putting that name on a business card? You have to have one to promote the hobby, it's the law.

The only thing I would have done different on mine was have Backyardchickens. com printed on the back. Then I would n't have to keep writing it there every time I snag someones ear about chickens.
My daughter decided that our chickens needed a last name too. She came up with Rockefeathers.

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