I thought she was a porcelain booted bantam... but she suddenly has fluffy cheeks???


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May 29, 2012
This is our new baby called Zazu :) shes just perfect but she isnt what i thought she was going to be. Of course i wont love her any less but im just interested in what breed she really is as she was meant to be a booted bantam but our other booted bantam does not have the fluffy cheeks that she has. The feathers seems to grow out from the sides of her face. Does anyone know what she could be??? I know she has some booted bantam but i dont understand her cheeks haha

looks like an amerucana, but a feather footed breed.We have chickens with poofy cheeks but they are aurcanas and they don't have feet feathers but lay green yeggs.

Lucky stiff.
well when i went to pick up the eggs (of which she was one) there were only booted bantams in there so im thinking now that one of their aurcanas snook in with them. Its not exactly the breed i wanted but no one can deny that shes a cutie pie :) Thanks :)
Booted bantams have feathered cheeks :) I don't think she is porcelain though
I think she is a white colored booted bantam :)

This is my porcelain for comparison, same body shape and everything, just a different color
i am confused now as we have a booted bantam and she does not have fluffy cheeks :s this is her :

so they can have fluffy cheeks or non fluffy cheeks?????
Thanks everyone :) now thats all cleared up i know exactly what little zazu is :) - and the photo really helped Shmccarthy thanks :)
Booted bantams do not have muffs (poofy cheeks) or beards. D'uccles do have beards AND muffs. You must have a cross bred chicken.

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