I,ve got nothing


8 Years
Feb 3, 2011
N Fla
Day 22 no peeps or cheeps candled a few got dark eggs clear at bottom good air at top /some are small dark spots floating around(obviously dead)
what should I do ???????
Try the water test on the ones that are dark. Float them in a glass of warm water. If you see them wobble or shake the chick is still kicking. If you see nothing. Chuck 'em out & try again.

Unfortunately it's pretty common to get chicks fully developed that never pip. Its not usually the entire batch though. Did you have a temp spike? That will do it quicker than a cold period.
Its possible this is a home ade bator fst time using it had some spikes early on but chicks were developing Idk i'll try water test how deep should it be ????
Deep enough that an egg can bob around freely in it. A big pan is better than a glass.
Water at 99F, roughly the same temp that the egg is at in the bator...
Ok I a dumb As!!!!!!!!!! water tested no movement water not deep enough got mad turn off bater left for 1 hr came home said I would see how far they dead ones devloped 1st one I opened was alive
dumb as!!!!!!!I promptly brought rest in and cranked back up humidity good temp fine we"ll see I'm a dumb AS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dont be too hard on yourself. Its your first try! My first try was in January & I did almost the exact same thing to 3! I candled & saw they were not developing & bang - 3 of the 10 I thought were duds were kickin'

It happens to us all.

Give it a couple of days. After that clean up & try again.

Its always hard when you wait for 3 weeks. I set 58 eggs in my first try (huge home made) and had 16 hatch. 10 were duds (see previous statement about 3 being alive) so 48. I didn't touch them again after the 3 I killed.

So 48 went into lock down. Problem was - I couldn't get the humidity up. Was stuck at 40% I learned just this week on my second hatch that I had too much airflow. In any case - the lack of humidity killed most of my chicks in the egg & several were shrink wrapped.

Of the 16 that hatched 1 fell in the bowl of water I added to try to bring up the humidity & drown while I was asleep. Tell me about it. That sucks!

So - I made some corrections & started again.

This hatch has gone much better. Live & learn.
Thanks midget !!!! if i get 1 i'll consider it a success if that was the one I'll try again I also have 26 rrare breeds coming in Mon at post office so we wil have a lot of fuzzies but I still would like my ee/game and BR /games hatch
Oh, my Olga is an EE/game cross and is the BEST broody! She's flighty and not very warm and friendly, but she's got her own personality and is a really fun addition to our flock. I hope you enjoy your EE/game cross(es), as well.
Yeah Ive done the same thing thought they was dead and opened one and it was alive
felt so bad about it. Then 2 hatched and my cat snuck in and eat them...

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