I wanna know what this means about roosters? How should I handle it?

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    Looks like I have 2 darn it roosters..Iam ticked too..really ticked..let me tell u all..really..did I make myself clear..lol

    I wasn't sure I wanted to keep any as I have hatched most of my backyard flock and worked so hard finding homes for roosters, shoot even shipped some to an awesome byc member..

    Then another byc member traded some of my chickens for one of hers..she thought was a hen..Not..not.. It's a rooster..he's really really really ugly..sorry all, he's just an ugly rooster, who my friend said would take it when I first got it and it was suppose to be a girl now he doesn't want it due to it being a rooster but dag nap it ..it's technically his..right? So he should have to have it..I can't help it changed into a male..and one igly..oogly one to boot...lmao

    Anyways..here's my question

    I have one I intentionally kept for my flock..I thought I will keep one..why not? I'll try it( and those here that know me..know how deathly afraid I was to keep one, lol)

    But, I thought how ..why..when..it's so dag on small it's a bantam favorelle..what possible fear should I have of him..hysterically funny to watch..from early on..( he's about 5 months old now) he was the true rooster of all that I have had so far in my new venture into the chicken world..

    I mean..all other roosters would go into the coop, him..lmao ..would do the funniest things in the evenings, all other chickens in their coop...he, would run out the coop door and up and down the ramp with each exit and entrance doing his kungfu bring it on stance..I thought he is just too cute to get rid of..look at him go, he's the one you find now always outside the coop while all others are in the coop..first one in the am to run out of the coo and circle around the yard..yes, my chickens are very free ranged..they have a huge run but I live outside in the summer so I notice I let my chickens free range most all day in my yard, my patio, my doorstep, my pond area, the more I type the more my typed words are becoming really drrrrrawn out..lol, chicken poo on the patio is so not cool..lmao, but heck their happy..

    Well... mr. rooster as I call him, in an elmo voice..gotta say it an the elmo voice- thats his name..will always when I open my back door and enter into my yard..come running towards me..full speed ahead.. And because of so much reading on Roos I have done here on the site and my fears..I do this kungfu stance..as if iam waiting for this two inch sized creature to eat me up..lol

    Well, today.. I was thinking, is this normal behavior is he being friendly and wants to just come say hi to me? Or is this something he really shouldn't be doing, none of my other chickens charge towards me..they kinda run to me in a different way..it's really inhale to admit cute looking..the way he waddles with his run..but it's different then the other chickens and roo..

    I do my kungfu stance and proceed to move forward at a super fast pace, thinking since he was little this should show him Iam boss..and he turns and runs..today..he didn't he stopped and didn't move..just stood there in his king stance, then I stopped cause I was..whoooops he didn't run from me..so instead, I bent down and flicked his tail? Then he took off..

    Is this the right thing to do? Or is he beginning his testing of me and I should do more?

    Thanks everyone

    And I sooooo need to get rid of the other roo..he's ugly and gonna be mega big...maran...and soo sooo ugly... Did I mention that..lol
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    Apr 22, 2011
    It sounds like mr. rooster (elmo voice) is showing signs of some aggression. I personally don't like aggressive roos, and don't want them to pass on their genes, so they end up on the chopping block.
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    When he runs up to you and stops, does he turn sideways? Does a wing go down? (may just be one shoulder lower than the other, or a wing touching the ground) Scratch his feet (picture a bull about to charge) and peck at pebbles like he's offering them up to you?

    These are all signs that he thinks you are beneath him.
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    Quote:You did exactly what you were supposed to do. I give mine a tail tug to make sure they get that I won the stand off. You can scoop him up and carry him until he stops fighting you too. I have 10, yes 10 of the little brats right now! [​IMG] I had one that was big and determined to be the boss of everyone. I tuged and scooped ond scolded until he finally calmed down (I've noticed the chill out at about 1 year anyway). Now my big mean boy charges, stops, and if he is feeling really mean, he unties my shoe. [​IMG]
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    Quote:Okay..I will take note of that..haven't seen that, or maybe didn't notice, I will look for that..thank u
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    Jun 23, 2011
    instead of kung fuing him, let him run up to you and bend down and try and pet him and talk to him, it sounds like he's just reacting to your kung fu techniques. just be inviting to him when he runs up like that, and you should be able to tell if he gets aggressive or just goes on about his business, but it does sound like he's just playing off your emotions. if you act scared of animals they can tell and will end up taking advantage of it. i've got 3 roosters, and they never act aggressive to me or my family if they run up their looking for feed or treats. that's the way mine are tho. it has alot to do with how they're raised i think too
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