I wanna talk about silkies...Cuz I got some at Jacob's Cave!!!!


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May 13, 2009
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First, I wanna thank the people who responded to my post about what to look for and avoid at swaps, actions etc. It was VERY helpful and I was able to avoid some chickens that I'm certain were too old to be laying - although it was claimed they were nice young hen who had just gone through a first moult! Their combs were nearly an off white color and were flopping over, their feathers looked washed out and had almost what I would consider gray "cast" to them. It was not just dust. I did pick up a cinnamon queen who is sitting in her makeshift nest box this morning. But, I also was able to procure three silkies!!!!!! I found a nice man who occasionally shows and had some very clean well kept silkie pairs about 4 months old. I was able to ask him some questions which he was happy to answer for me and he seemed happy to talk awhile about his birds. Now that I am a new silkie owner, I wanted to chat with others who have them! I had read posts about how docile silkies are and *took it with a grain of salt* that these were just proud owners who maybe were a bit biased about the demeaner of their birds - NOT SO!!! My new sikie roo doesn't even know us yet, and will sit for minutes at a time happily letting my son stroke and pet him not moving and making little cooing sounds. I hope that means he enjoys the attention! Oh, I forgot to say that my sikie roo is about 4 months old and is a blue splash he is the darker of the pair, while my second hen is a bit older and I believe is a self blue. I will get pictures up sometime today...



This is sad and I am beginning to believe the sikie "hype" about sikies being evil and addictive - now I want some babies and can't wait for them to start laying so I can either a) incubate some silkie eggs or b) put some in a bator and hatch them myself!........
Congrads on the new babies. They are a different sort that's for sure. I have two that come when I call their names. They love to talk and can have quite the personally. I just love the little buggers!
My hubby laughs at me and wonders "why" I have to keep getting these "messed up looking" chickens. But, he did take a pic with his phone and sent it to a friend, lol. I think he (privately) was pretty impressed with how docile they are with our kids and how calm and quiet they are.

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