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Jul 14, 2008
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My dad doesn't want another dog if he said yes my mom would prob agree with him. We already have two dogs but their Boston Terriers I mean their great dogs and I love them but Winston just can't keep up anymore when Im running he can run about a mile at a pretty fast pace and then he tries to sit and I have to stop. Patty is also getting old and Winston has no one to play with anymore dog-wise and I think he would like having a buddy. I was thinking a medium to large sized dog like a border collie. I was looking online for dogs addoptable and found this heeler mix his name is Tango and he's a pretty orangy color I like him but my dad doesn't, all he wants is more Boston Terriers.
http://www.kshumane.org/pets/animal-closeup.php?pic=7713891.jpg He looks like he is smiling in this photo
I tried to run with my dog before, but she gets tired and just sits there after about a mile. Then I have to stop, and my heart rate drops, and

Needless to say, I run alone now!!

I really do like the dog in the picture. How old is it?
If you get a lab..don't run until their legs are fully finished. They could get arthritis and/or disclocating shoulders and hips from the "pounding on the pavement." Same goes for Great Danes.

Just remember...when you're exhausted after running...that Border Collie will still be raring to go.
Labs are bird retrievers and as such they like to retrieve chickens...I have a Lab that has many levels of obedience under her collar and we still have to be on high alert with her because of her retrieving drive....she has caught several sparrows and happily brought them to my animal loving daughter it was not pretty.
Didn't you just get a T-bird? Why on earth are you running? DRIVE! Throw Wintson and Patty in and go.
We have schnauzers and they can run pretty far with us.

I used to walk my friends husky/wolf/shepard mix and we would get about a half mile and he would stop. Start panting up a storm and act all hurt. roll over on his belly and everything! Now im strong, but no strong enough to keep a 95lb dog on the move when he decides he wants o stop.
It was so embarrassing when people would ask if he had gotten hit by a car , or ask me why i was such a bad owner! It wasnt even my dog!
Borders will usually be happy to run and run , but they could get side tracked if they see to many intersting things to herd and also , they have huge amounts of energy and they are intelagent almost to a fault , so if you get one you will never have a dog that will be good left alone with nothing to do for hours on end , they will find ways to entertain themselves , usually at great price to you
but they are wonderfull dogs , and they do awsome in competitions like agility , showing , herding ect.

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