I WANT this chicken!

Um...1. that's a boy :) 2. He's a millie fleur d'uccle. The girls look like this; (not my pic)

Its a d'uccle mix as it has a crest and d'uccle dont have crest also d'uccle dont have yellow feet and it looks like milli fleur pattern/colir
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Why do the boys get to be the flamboyant ones? It's not fair ...

I can't have a roo ..I'm actually glad because I would have a seriously hard time picking just one georgous little man for my girls. LOL

I might see if I can ( at a later date) find a roo that can come for a visit tho **wink wink**

I would love to get chicks from my girls since they are all so sweetly dispositioned.

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