I WANT those eggs because!!!! FREE eggs contest... GA


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I will be making my 3000th post here on BYC very very soon so in honor of that milestone I elected to give away a dozen hatching eggs from my blue barred rocks


1) No nominating anyone! I want to know why you want these eggs for you to hatch.

2)No voting for anybody elses entry. I feel this sways judgement.

3)You have to enter your post before 10AM on Thursday morning. That gives me a hour to deliberate.

Winners will be picked on Thursday afternoon at 3PM EST which will give me enough time to get the eggs to the P.O. before the truck gets there for pickup.

Now, have fun and good luck to you all!
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I would want the eggs because a barred rock was my first chicken.
I got 2 sisters. One sister died and my other hen was left alone. I have since added a cochin hen her age to roam with.
I loved to watch my BRs roam together in my backyard. The patterns are just so cool for me to watch.

I would like to add MORE to my backyard flock so I can watch them and their amazing feathers.

They are one of my favs
I want them badly because I have an addiction of hatching out gorgeous baby chicks. I can't be stopped. My DH banned me from buying eggs and I have bought 2 batches since then! I sold some of my horse tack to buy them so he wouldn't be mad at me! LOL Don't make me have to keep selling my horse tack to buy eggs...send some to me!

My incubator is naked without eggs in them and I need MORE!!!!
I also have a Domineque hen that is trying to be broody. She keeps trying to steal the game hens eggs that she is sitting on. Last time when the game hen hatched out chicks, this hen tried to steal her chicks too!! She would really appreciate a couple to sit on and hatch out.

My little girls just love chickies too ~ My oldest DD is going to start showing in 4-H this next year and we want plenty of chickies to choose from here.

I don't have ANY of these chickens yet and would love to get some!!!!


ETA: Sorry - hijacking here

To all who have mentioned their poor BCMs hatching experience...I just had that happen a week ago too!
I had 4 that did hatch and they died shortly after hatching. We should start a thread on how to achieve better results with these...I was heartbroken over mine. Was my first bad hatch experience.
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first -you are great-and such a nice thing you are doing-

why I want these? Well-I hatched out 1 JUST ONE blue cochin out of 57 eggs-he's so pretty at 4-5 weeks old but will be so lonely without a girlfriend. I am seperating by breed in the fall.
I would love to have the same breed for him to produce babies for me and others-I will even give away the first 12 eggs I get that are fertile as a way of giving it back to the BYC community-I have already given away my eggs a few times to "give back"-thank you for offering to us
I would like them because I'm having a really bad day and it would help cheer me up.


ETA: I must ask that you exclude me from your contest. Yes, my incubator has space, but my husband is having back surgery next Tuesday, and I am afraid I may not be here to get the eggs or put them in my 'bator.

Thank you for the opportunity though.

Good luck to everyone else.
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Well, due to my recent bout of pink eye, I'm having some trouble focusing with both eyes at the same time. All the chickens look fuzzy to me. If I had some barred rocks it might act like the alignment test pattern on my printer and help me realign my eyes so I could see clearly. Giving me these eggs would be less like enabling me to hatch yet more chicks and more like a medical humanitarian gesture.
I want them because I want them LOL!!!! Just kidding really. My 3 year old DD's birthday is tomorrow and she has been wanting "Bod Woks" forever. It just so happens I have a thing for blue birds too. We have blue slates, I have blue dominiques, and blue cochins. It would just be fun to have blue barred rocks for Olivia's (DD) chickens. Thanks for the contest.
I am not going to enter because I have already been blessed by free eggs from quite a few people. I just wanted to say thank you for your generosity! We need more people like the people on BYC! They are the best!
Well, 3 weeks ago I won 6 French Black Copper Marans on e-bay, Sunday was day 21, I had 1 hatch on Sunday and another Monday morning which was not a BCM, a Wheaten I think. Nothing else has hatched i am giving them a couple more days, then I have to crack the eggs and see if anything developed. I'm hoping not I hate having one of my babies develop and die, it just depressing. I would love to have eggs to replace them. Its great that folks like you do stuff like this. eggs can get right expensive.

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