i want to become a pro breeder


8 Years
Jul 2, 2011
how do i become a breeder?( i know it sounds silly, your probably thinking you just breed and sell , well no that's a con breeder, i want to become a pro breeder
1. Decide on a breed or a couple breeds (I'd say keep it under 5 different ones, preferably 3-4 max)
2. Find a breeder that has these birds and learn everything you can from them. Have them show you what to look for, how they pair their birds together, etc.
3. Buy some birds. Preferably from a breeder that has high quality birds that has birds that have been shown and won (wether by them or the people the bird was sold to)
4. See if the breeder will help you for the first year so you can learn the ropes.
5. Find shows that have your breed being exhibited. Pay close attention to the judges. Talk to the judge later if you can. Make notes about the birds that won.
6. You'll need pens for individual breeds or even small pens so you can breed specific roosters to specific hens.
7. You'll also need incubators.
The smaller number of breeds that you try to work with, the better success you will have. Master one breed before you add the next one.

Start with the very best birds that you can afford.

Go to shows. Present well raised, well fit birds.

Be friendly. Be a good sport. Always keep your word. Be honest. Reputation is everything.

If you start to win consistently, if you have good birds, if you have a reputation that you can be trusted, you will sell birds, and get a decent price for them.

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