i want to build a chicken run

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    Nov 6, 2011
    Hello, i have 6 bb bantams and i want to build them a chicken run i need some ideas, if i cant build one i would probably buy a dog run or something.[​IMG]

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    Oct 7, 2011
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    Just make sure if you use a dog run that you put hardware cloth around the bottom 3 ft up or so attached to the chain link well & cover the top of the run. Otherwise you're inviting things to come & eat your chickens while they're in there. I had my hens in a dog run temporarily until we got our coop & run done & a raccoon reached through the chain link & pulled a hen through & ate off her head. Then later on I had young guineas in there & had put chicken wire around the bottom with fencing over the top & a 'possum still got in & ate 6 of my guineas. So that is a lesson on making sure things are secure that I learned the hard way.
  4. We've just finished building our fourth coop and run (the last one!! I promise!)...for each run we've used a dog kennel/run; as mentioned, covered the bottom three feet with hardware cloth; covered the top also with hardware cloth and electric pipe.

    Our first coop/run:


    The second one (for bantams)...


  5. georgiagail... wow [​IMG]... clean, simple yet secure
  6. If I push for one more coop and run, I get to live in it!


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