I want to know whether my chicks are all roosters or some pullets are there ? Some times they are fighting.They are 7 weeks old but tails haven't come

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Pics or it didn't happen.
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Aug 26, 2019
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You've been told over and over that they are likely all cockerels.

Whether they have testicles or ovaries, they need to be outside. Or at the very least in a large, open, well ventilated area. Living in their own filth will kill them. Pine shavings, hay, straw, wood chips, even shredded paper would be helpful too. Something other than skating around in their own feces.


Sep 3, 2020
Memphis, TN
No matter what your reason for raising them is, you will get better results if you give them proper housing with enough room to get away from each other. Keeping them housed in too small an area leads to stress and injuries, which in turn leads to disease, losses, and reduced production. You should try for 10 square feet per chicken outside during the day, and 5 square feet in their coop. You can get away with a bit less in the coop, but you have to employ multiple levels/poop shelves and roosts. The key is to ensure that they can get away from each other if they need to and have a comfortable, dry and draft free place to sleep.

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