i want to make an incubator !!!!???? HELP

should i make my own incubator?

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May 29, 2012
i want to make me a incubator but idk if i should because idk if it will work? and how should i make it has anyone made a decent one? whats should i do and how!!!??? anyone with some first hand experience???
Hi, wlcome to BYC from Wisconsin...
this site has many ideas on how to make homemade incubators. if u go to 'learning center, go to hatching eggs, u can find a place where people have posted how to make a hommade incubator on there.
When i made a homemade incubator i got a plastic storage bin. I Cut a big square hole in the longer side and a circular one on the shorter side closer to the lid. I laminated a laminating sheet so it was clear then i ducktaped it on from the inside to the longer side with a hole. I had a heat lamp so i got the light socket and put it in the circular hole and put foil on the inside of the lid so that the lightbulb would not melt it! I used a 60 watt frosted normal lightbulb and it gets pretty warm! I also get egg cartons and cut the lids off and put them in the botom to hold the eggs! hope i could help!

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