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    After I finished candling, I got to thinking, how do the bad eggs really look like if I cracked them open [​IMG], what is it inside the egg that makes it look that way above the candling light??? So I grabbed an egg, that when I candled it, it looked clear, with a weird dark yolky rig around it, and craked it in a bowl and it pured out like water, yellow water that is, and it smelled like egg, so it was an infertile that cooked I guess, it was just yellow liquid [​IMG]. Then I grabbed one I wasn't sure about [​IMG](two I wasn't sure about,looked the same), when I candled it it was all dark with the exeption of the air sack. The ones that I knew were good looked like the typical candled eggs, little embryo with vains, but these two didn't look like any of them, So I decided to crack one open [​IMG], big mistake [​IMG]. There had been a nicely developed embryo, and I killed it [​IMG] [​IMG]. I was heartbroken [​IMG], I threw it away sad [​IMG]. But why did these two eggs look all dark when I candled them, and not like the rest. It wasn't like the embroys were ahead in development or anything, the one I opened looked just the same size as the good ones, but yet, when candled, looked completly dark with the exeption of the air sack why?? [​IMG]
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    interesting! my brain is really ticking. but i really dont know:idunno
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    Oh I have one that is just dark, maybe I'll keep it instead of chucking it. [​IMG]
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    I have dark green eggs that I can't see anything but the air sack at the big end, that is it. I just do a sniff test on those to make sure they aren't stinky. So I would say you couldn't see anything due to egg color, dark green or brown shell?


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