I was just on Facebook and invited...


9 Years
Jul 10, 2010
Stonington, illinois
Paula Deen to join us. Hope she does!
I said I saw that she had chickens and told her about this site. I really hope she checks us out and decides to join. I always tell everyone by the way she acts she is related to me.
She looks like my Aunt Ruby only my aunt is older.
I Love Paula Deen! I would totally love to meet her and bet she is as sweet in person as she seems. We, of course, especially like her now that we know she has chookie babies! She truly epitomizes Southern Charm, and I bet her house/kitchen smell about 5 kinds of divine.

I just can't watch her cooking shows, though. She sticks her fingers in the food, licks them, and keeps cooking without washing her hands. Drives me INSANE. And she does it at least once in every show I've seen her in. I would be skeptical of eating in her restaurant if she is there that day. LOL.

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