I was supposed to be an Ancona.... What I am actually?

What breed am I?

  • Ancona

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  • Silver Laced Wyandotte

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  • Barred Rock

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  • Blue Wyandotte

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  • Something else entirely!

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5 Years
Mar 15, 2014

I bought these two chicks from Wilco, and they were supposed to be Anconas (they were marked as such and were sold as such). However, while recently trying to dig up some sexing info on Anconas, I found out that the coloring they had as chicks was completely wrong!
The other breeds being sold at the time (and were similar chick colors) were: Barred Rock, Silver Laced Wyandotte, Silver Hamburg (of which we got 2, and they are the correct breed thankfully!), and Blue Wyandotte.

So, can someone tell me what we actually got if not Ancona? I'm hoping Silver Laced Wyandotte, or that they were just dark Ancona chicks! I don't have pictures of them as chicks, but here is one of the two at 3.5 weeks old:

I'm guessing whatever she is, she's a girl though, since there is absolutely no sign of a comb, so at least I have that going, right? The other chick looks just like her (might have the beginnings of the beginnings of a comb), so hopefully 2 girls?


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