I will be ordering in the spring. Never had chicks before. Help please

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    I think I posted this in the wrong section so I have moved it here. See I am a true newbie.

    Good Morning everyone. This is my first post so please be gentle. smile

    In the spring I am planning on getting the following chicks.

    3-EE's/Ameraucanas if I get hatching eggs from someone on this site

    Being from Ohio but living in Tennessee now I might get a couple of Buckeyes, but I haven't made up my mind yet.

    I am trying to get a nice assortment of different colored eggs. With the RIRs and the Australorps I am sure I will be brown egg heavy.

    I am a little concerned about the Faverolles. I have heard they are skiddish and can be bullied a lot. I am wondering if I should still get them.

    Another concern I have is that I want the dark eggs from the Welsummers and I have read a lot of posts on this site about peoples eggs not being dark. Has anyone had any experience with Meyer's Welsummres?

    I have looked at many different hatcheries and I am pretty sure I am going to go with Meyer in Ohio. I live near Knoxville, TN so that is one of the closest ones, they carry all the different breeds I am looking for.

    I have also thought about just looking for eggs and trying to hatch myself, but right now I am not interested in getting any roos. I have never raised any chicks at all. Actually never been around any. I moved to the country earlier this year and I want to do this. I am thinking about goats later on.

    If I did try and hatch my own, how many eggs should I get of each to try and at least get 3 females of the above listed breeds? I know that still don't guarantee 3 females of each or it could be more.

    My shed turned into coop by the end of the year is 18x12 so I will have plenty of room for them.

    If I do try and hatch my own how do I go about it with so many different breeds and having to get eggs from so many different people. This would be if I get hatching eggs from people here instead of the online hatcheries.

    Last but not least, with the above breeds I have selected in everyones opinion is that a good flock? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thank You
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    Hi welcome to the site!

    To answer some of your questions:

    Yes you will get lots of brown eggs from the RIR's and the Australpos. I have both breeds and they are very nice hens. My Australops came from Ideal Hatchery (whom I love working with) and the RIR came from a local feed store.

    I do not have any personal history with the Faverolles but I have heard that they tend to get picked on but, in my opinion I would get some and give it a shot, you could always find a friend (or fellow BYC member) to give her a good home if it does not work out.

    My advice to anyone concerned with type, true to breed or egg color, the best way to get the best is to find a breeder and get hatching eggs. Occasionally you can get birds from them but they are usually grown.

    This brings me to hatching, it is a crap shoot really, you don't know how many you will get, if any. There is no way to pre-determine the sex of the chicks. However from someone who just hatched out his first batch of babies it is an incredibly exciting and extremely rewarding adventure and I sincerely believe that everyone should try it!

    Goats are awesome! My friend has large and mini goats and they are the coolest animals! I love them. They are also fantastic with the chickens.

    Try Eggbid.com in addition to this site for hatching eggs.

    I would definitely hatch the Ameraucanas. They are a true breed with a standard and a lot of hatcheries will sell mutt chickens off as Ameraucanas. I would contact Cynthia (Speckled hen) she is a moderator on this forum and she breeds true blue Ameraucanas. Cynthia is an absolute delight to work with, she is very friendly and helpful.

    Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens is a great reference book to have and I strongly recommend you getting a copy.

    I think your proposed flock is very fun and will be a lively mix with a lovely assortment of egg color.

    Good luck and remember that someone is always here to help out!

    Adam [​IMG]
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    If I were you I'd wait to try hatching and order what you want. You can always give hatching a try down the road if you want. Hatching is definately a crap shoot. Out of 12 eggs in my incubator last spring 8 hatched and only 2 were pullets....not good for increasing my flock!! Also shipped eggs don't always hatch well. Good luck and welcome to a great past time.

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