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4-H chicken mom

15 Years
Aug 3, 2007
Oberlin, OH
My first hatched BEI ducklings of the year. Out of 8 eggs, 3 didn't make it past 7 days, but 5 made it through which really surprised me. I didn't have high hopes for these first eggs I set in the bator because the temps were well below freezing and most of the eggs felt like popsicles by the time I picked them up. My DH thought I was crazy for even trying them because they were so cold. But, here they are. They sure don't make it easy to get pics.

They're adorable!

It's freezing here too. I set a test batch of 6 eggs (out of my Hookbill hen, with either a Campbell, Runner, or Hookbill daddy), crossing my fingers that half of them would develop and all 6 are starting to grow ducklings! I think these things are impervious to the cold!
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I have my first woodie eggs of the year 7 and counting yah!!! and 4 cape teal , let the season begin
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