I would love some opinions on Leghorns

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    A good breed is The New Hampshire.Great egg layers and great pets.Sexlinks often are good pets and egg layers but from personal experience can be very aggressive and bossy as well are black sexlinks.
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    White Leghorns are flighty..Danish Browns are better..:frow
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    Maybe try the "Austra-White". Supposedly they are something new and come from a Black Australorp over a Leghorn. They are supposedly more calmer than your typically flightly leghorn.

    Mine are very inquisitive, don't shy away easily, and love to eat. They don't go dashing off when I try to shoo or push them away...they stand right there and wanna be close when the feed gets doled out. Some of them don't mind a little pat or pet on occasion.

    They are white with some black specks here and there. Look them up at MyPetChicken.
    One of mine has started laying this week at 18 weeks. I actually witnessed her dropping an egg as she leaned up against the wall. They are a light, cream-colored egg.
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    May 2, 2018
    So we have 2 Leghorns pullets and 8 Red sex links. I have been handling them a lot since they were chicks. They are now a little shy of 2 months old. I like my Leghorns so far. They are faster than the Golden Comets and ISA Browns but they do eventually let me pick them up and cuddle. They were the most curious at the beginning and adventurous. They aren’t any more flight then some of my ISA Browns. I have two that are skittish but the other two are very friendly and sit right by my foot. I think it depends on how much you handle them and their breeding lines. I got mine from Hoover’s Hatchery and am very pleased with their personalities.

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