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    Aug 11, 2007
    We seperated our chickens into "breeding pens" three weeks ago. The pens where combinations of chickens I wanted chicks from. Our incubators are full now and was wondering if anyone else would be interested in these eggs.

    RIR rooster over 3 Barred rock and 2White Wyandotte hens,also one BR/EE cross is in there Don't know if she is laying yet but if she is then she is laying brown eggs. Some sexlinks don't know what we will get with the wyandotte yet, heard it could be sexlink if they carry the silver gene. $12 plus shipping for a dzn. of these eggs. I can not tell with all certinty which eggs are from whom.

    Silver laced Cochin Rooster over 1-SL Cochin hen, 2-Black hens and 1 Splash hen. I plan to get a Blue Cochin rooster this year. I only get two a day at the most so I am only offering a half dozen. $10 for a half dozen. Some will be pure SL others will be Cochins but not a certain color I think.

    Light Brahma rooster over 3-Salmon Faverolle, and 4 EE hens. Can specify green or brown if you want. $12 dzn. I want puffy cheeks and feathered legs and feet.

    SS Hamburg rooster over 2 Crevecour hens - Only getting 1 egg every other day so you will need to just have a couple of these added to the others. $2 a egg. I have no idea what these will look like but the crevecours are wonderful hens and very friendly! I love the color of the Hamburg Rooster.

    Black, White and Buff/red silky.
    I have a Trio of Wonderful black silkies but only average 6 eggs a week right now from them. So you could get The blacks and I would throw in a white if you wanted. We only have one White one and the buff hen hasn't started laying yet. Could do a half dzn for $10 or a whole dozen for $20, if I have enough eggs.

    We also have mixed bantam eggs available. $5 for however many I get in a few days. over a half dozen though. Feather footed roosters and OEG mixed with ? hens.

    All priced are plus shipping. Shipping is $10. I use the same size box for any amount of eggs. You can get a half dzn of one and a half of another or however you want to mix it up just let me know.
    I would actually prefer it if you sent a money order because paypal deducts money and I need the money to feed all these chickens!!!
    I will ship eggs two days after I recieve your payment and your eggs will be 4 days old or less if possible to meet the number you want.

    Sorry this is so long
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