iam completly new to this

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May 18, 2012
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Iam 100% new to this.
Iam 21 years old and this is my first time doing anything like this
I have 13 acres in fl and now 31 lovly chickens.
Not including three pigs.
All my quail.
Fish pond full of catfish.

Any information to hepl is very greatful. and helpful.
I do take time and read all responses.
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got my first ones when i was 20 and that was 31 years ago. i like 2 of your choices in breeds (australorp and delaware). i started with 25 dominiques and kept them for many years. the cubalaya is my favorite breed of chicken, now.
some advice:
chicken wire is good to keep chickens in. it don't keep predators out. use welded wire too.
free range cures lots of chicken problems but they are never safe from predators while out.
a good hound or livestock dog strikes fear in predators.
worm in the fall when they are moulting and not laying.
raise some chicks from them for the future and sell a few for extra money
have a breeding plan in place for this purpose.
Good luck with your chickens and welcome! My biggest comfort is knowing my coop is tight, when I close the door nothing can get in. Go around it and look over every square inch and fix it. A sq inch is too big a hole. It's all a learn as you go process and you can get alot of info on this site I bet there isn't anyone that hasn't made mistakes or knows everything, but if you need help ask and and alot of good people will help. Most important enjoy your chickens and have fun!
I have made sure my coops are safe and they have nesting house.
Shelter from rain they love it.
Automatic waterer.
I will upload some pictures later

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