~*~Icelandic Chickens- 8 eggs~*~ Unique and Rare~*~

Camelot Farms

10 Years
Jun 5, 2009
VA,TN,NC Tri-State area
These 8 eggs will be shipped from Southwest Virginia on Monday March 14th via Priority Mail with a tracking number.

As the Icelandic project here at Camelot Farms grows, so does the need for pen space!
All proceeds from this sale will go toward new pens for our Icelandic population.


If you have any questions regarding the Icelandic Chicken, please look for the thread in the Breeds section, here at BYC.

It is our hope that all owners of the Icelandic Chicken will become part of the grassroots preservation project and keep the Icelandic true to form through careful protection of its genetics.

Any questions, please post. You may also see more pics at www.camelot1999.webs.com under the Icelandic link.

Thank you for considering Camelot Farm eggs for your incubator/broody.
i've seen a rooster that looked exactly like that. It doesnt mean its icelandic right?
The Icelandic is like the Serama in that it does not breed true for feather color, leg color, comb etc.
So, their colors may cause them to look like a bird of a different feather

Be sure to pop over to the Icelandic thread in the breed section. Lots of info on them!

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