icelandic sheep

I don't have an answer for you , but check out Link is at the bottom of the page, click on it and go to the sheep section. Lots of good folks there and maybe they can help you. There also is a LGD section that might be a good place to post your question.
I have 3 Icelandics who were born in May. They had never been around a dog in their pen before, and I put them right in with my LGD Dierks (Anatolian/Pyr cross, about 145 lbs) and they didn't think twice about him. He doesn't put out the nervous energy that my pet dogs do.

What sealed the deal for them was having a wolf come into the pen, and my LGD bit it and ran it off. Now, they love Dierks :)

If yours are older and very set in their ways of dog hatred, you definitely need to be there to protect the dog! Do you already have an older Anatolian? I would not put a pup in with them.
i dont have eny anatolian sheperds but i was thinking of getting one thanks for the information becuse my sheep are old and set in there ways guess i wont get one.
Occasionally NASRN (National Anatolian Shepherd Rescue Network) gets experienced LGDs that need new homes for whatever reason. I'd only put an experienced LGD in with your sheep, but it's still an option!
There is also another ASD rescue -
Do you know your personal sheep attack dogs or is that what you have been told about the breed? I visited an Icelandic sheep breeder and took my ASD girl with me. She let me have the dog in the pens and the sheep were fine and they were not used to dogs.

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