IDEAL hatchery and packing peanuts!


11 Years
Mar 9, 2008
Rhode Island
Is there a chance that one of Ideal Hatcheries "packing peanuts" could be a hen? Or is it 100% that they only stick roo's as the packing peanuts?

I ordered 3 female chicks and I am wondering what breed and sex "packing peanuts" will be shipped. I hope they stick some females int here

I ordered :
1 Americauna
1 Barred Rock

What have been your experiances with IDEAL? This is the first time i am ordering them...
They are usually males, but sometimes a pullet might get in the mix. Not sure how often it happens though. They put 4 Buff Orp roos in with my duck order, I could swear on looks more pulletish.......but not sure at this point.

How was you able to buy just 3 chicks? I thought there was a $20.00 minimal.

Good luck with your new chicks


Edit to add, forgot to experinces have been mostly good. The one bad one, they corrected, their customer service is awesome.
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My first purchase was with Ideal and personally I don't think I'll buy chicks from another hatchery than them. I will however buy from private breeders to provide new genes. But I liked Ideal.

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