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  1. mycountrycabin

    mycountrycabin Songster

    Mar 29, 2008
    i just made an order with ideal
    4 buff brahmas standard
    3 light brahmas standard
    3 black cochins standard
    and was wondering if thier chickens are purebred?
  2. silkiechicken

    silkiechicken Staff PhD

    Most hatcheries sell purebreds bar the specific crosses, however, they may or may not match the breed standards and are pet quality. If you want show quality, you'd have to go to a breeder.
  3. mycountrycabin

    mycountrycabin Songster

    Mar 29, 2008
    im not really lookin for show quality i just want them to look like their supposed to
  4. augustmomx2

    augustmomx2 Songster

    Aug 31, 2008
    Central Indiana
    I ordered 6 different breeds of chicks from Ideal this past March. They all were what they were intended to be, breed wise (1 roo was to be a girl). They all look like the pics on the internet, however, I am not aware of the specifics as are required if you want to show them. All of my girls and boy are gorgeous tho [​IMG] Hope you are as pleased with them as I have been!
  5. WalkingWolf

    WalkingWolf Songster

    Jan 1, 2009
    North Carolina
    I am happy with Ideal, they always keep their word, are courteous, and the birds so far have been healthy. I have received 3 shipments consisting of meat birds and dual purpose birds. I am very happy.
  6. astylishgirl

    astylishgirl Animal Lover Supreme

    Apr 27, 2009
    Beaumont, Texas
    I have 9 juvis from Ideal. We got them as chicks and they are great!
  7. Maryallison

    Maryallison Songster

    Jul 18, 2008
    Fountain, Florida
    I have ordered from Ideal 3 times & have always been happy! My latest order consisted of 20 frizzles, 20 silkies & 3 sultans and they are all very pretty! [​IMG]
  8. Haley_LinckHillPoultry

    Haley_LinckHillPoultry Songster

    May 10, 2009
    Morris, PA
    I recieved 2 shipments of birds from Ideal, only because the first shipment was lacking birds I ordered, even though everything I ordered was on the reciept.
    When I called, they were very courteous and sent out 25 more chicks in a week to replace everything.

    I was very happy with my birds, they all grew up to be exactly what they were supposed to be, and they're good quality too.

    I look forward to ordering from them again in the near future.
  9. Foxhound lady

    Foxhound lady Songster

    Jul 9, 2008
    TX baby!
    Ideal has pet qualilty birds that sometimes represent the breed standard and sometimes dont.

    They have excellent customer service and all mine have mine very healthly
  10. TriciaHowe

    TriciaHowe Mother Hen

    Nov 11, 2008
    Trenton, FL
    The chicks that I have received from them in the past met the breed standards reasonably well for hatchery birds. They were all healthy and did very well [​IMG] I got bantam cochins, buff rocks, oegb's, black langshans and a ton more that I can't remember off the top of my head.

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