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8 Years
Aug 7, 2011
i am planning to order gosling from there in march.
i was just wondering when everyone else ordered from there
what kind of "packing peanuts" (male chicks)
did you get?
i have herd some people got male ducklings??
I would order goslings from Metzers before ideal. IMO ideal sells a lessor quality goose. Metzers all be it a hatchery, atleast ONLY does ducks and geese, and has bought out some of Holderreads stock in the past. Not to mention their customer service is good, and John Metzer posts here from time time as well.

Have you checked out private breeders for the geese you want? Or Holderreads?
I agree. He has gotten his buff americans and dewlaps from holderread farm. And I think MAYBE he got his sebbies from them. Maybe not. Metzers has better quality then most hatcherys I think.

Im pretty sure the older rouen pair I have came from idea and they are horribale quality, I got a rouen hen from metzers and she is much better quality. But not SQ. Basically saying they have better quality but they are still a hatchery
(i would go with holderreads before anyone else though)
ideal is the only place i have found that
A) has both american buff & gray saddleback poms.
B) has no min. number. i plan to get one of each (both females)

i know of one pom. breeder. but he does not kno how to sex, and i dont want a gander.
and i kno of no buff breeders.
I ordered sexed female Khaki campbells last spring (12) and got no packing peanuts. I had a high mortality rate in shipping and I opted for a reimbursement rather than replacement and that was handled very quickly. I got them before a holiday weekend so I sent an email and left a voicemail and by 11 am monday morning I had a response to both. They also replaced the ones that died over the long weekend (technically past the threshold of their live guarantee)

I had one runty duck that slipped her hock when she was a couple months old and I couldn't fix it, but she's a spunky little thing. She gets around pretty well on one leg... I don't think she knows she's handicapped. They're all mature now and she's only a little bigger than a bantam. The others are probably some of the best looking campbells I've seen, but they are slow to start laying.

Ideal Campbells as babies:

Lottie duck, all grown up.

i have a real delima here.
i only want 2 goslings. ( i may sneak a baby duck in my order. a runner or acona (sp))
but thats just a maybe.
but everyone requires you get so many babies. and i cant have that many geese.
or spend that much.

at ideal im looking at roughly $35 for my goslings.
and about $40 if i add a runner.
adorable babies.
all these baby pictures are making me want babies more and more!!
if only my girls would pop out eggs soon!
If you need specific sexes of a particular breed, Ideal may be your most effective option, esp. if you only want homestead quality.

I may be rebuilding my flock as some point sooner than anticipated (possible cross country move). For that I'll be putting in straight run orders of the breeds I want to focus on from holderread-- and if I NEED more females badly, I'll fill in from Metzer, Ideal and Cackle (my first, second and third choices, in order.) Then at least my breeder males are from the best possible stock. I haven't tried sand hill preservation center yet, I may check them out when I move closer to them-- I hate babies dying in transit. Distance and vitality is my chief concern. Holderread and Metzer birds I know firsthand are strong enough to make a trip.
i am going to check where our feedstore orders from.
but otherwise ideal is the only place that has both my breeds and will not cost an arm & a leg.
they are just going to run with my ducks.

and harras the dogs.
I ordered my American Buff pair from Ideal and they were great. If you just want geese as pets then Ideal is perfectly fine. You can only order one pair of geese to meet their minimum requirement of $25. And, you can order either SR or sexed. I also ordered a runner duck with mine, and they included RIR as packing peanuts. If I only wanted a small order of geese or ducks for pets, then I'd order from Ideal again. Oh, and when I did order a pair of Cayuga ducklings from them previously, they included one extra.

Here is one of my tufted buffs from Ideal:

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