Ideal poultry? any good


5 Years
Dec 12, 2014
Pacific Northwest
We have noticed that polish can be a little bit flighty (but not unfriendly per say), ours with her large crest has difficulty seeing sometimes and has occasionally gotten picked on by some of the non-polish hens. We do cut her crest since we don't show her (our stresses easily) so she can see easily which makes her just a regular part of the flock and eliminates all issues except when it grows back in haha


Mar 20, 2015
West Sonoma County
Hi! I'm ordering 15 polish chicks from ideal poultry. anybody had good/bad experiences?
In my experience Ideal has been fine. SUPER helpful and always got back to me. my only complaint is about hatcheries in general. i had been ordering bantams and that is never a good idea. large fowl birds seem to do much better in transit. my post office is awesome and they always call me right when they arrive if i dont happen to be lurking outside waiting for the mail truck to come!! i have not had good luck with any hatchery on bantams so i dont do that anymore and try to buy from breeders locally as much as possible...


Oct 10, 2016
Southern Ohio
I had a dozen silkies make it to ohio fine in the summer. I'd watch low temps in your surrounding states if you are worried about transit.

I've never had polish from ideal but the silkies I got were very ugly and definitely pet quality. Missing toes, and poor feathering. Both a lack of and lots of hard feathers.

Hopefully someone on here has received polish from ideal and can give you a better idea.
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