Ideal Poultry failed to vaccinate for Marek' what?

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    Sep 26, 2016
    I ordered 35 chicks from Ideal and drove over (2 hours one way) to get my chicks, one of them had died overnight and they refunded my money, dealing with that I forgot to look at my receipt........I had already paid with credit card and wasn't too worried about it. I glanced at it on the way home and noticed there was no charge for the Marek's vaccine I ordered, I called Ideal, left a message and they returned my call saying that indeed it was on the order but hadn't been done. They apologized and pretty much offered no help, they said I could maybe find a feed store to help.
    I already have 22 hens that HAVE been vaccinated for Marek's and when these 34 are old/large enough they will need to be integrated. I'm not sure what to do now and a quick glance at the internet tells me that even if there's a vaccine I can get for them it will cost waayyy more than the 25 cents it should have cost.

    I'm open to any suggestions/advice. Thanks much.
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    Mar 18, 2017
    You could always use medicated feed. It would make the vaccination useless, and you would have to keep using medicated, but it would most likely help. I have never had any problems so I haven't really looked into diseases.
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    Why do you need to vaccinate for mereks? Do you already have a problem with that disease so need the vaccine to not have sick birds? If you don't have a mereks problem then you don't need the vaccine. Vaccinated birds can still carry the disease they just don't show the symptoms. I feel it's better to know the health of your flock otherwise you are potentially spreading a disease.

    Medicated feed is for cocci not mereks. Again, there is no need for medicated feed unless you have a cocci problem. Naturally in soil and chickens. It's high amounts that causes death rate in chicks. Some soils are naturally high. Other soil is "poultry sick" meaning the ground has been used by poultry for a long time i.e. a stationary pen where birds are kept for years. If chicks are introduced to a high cocci concentration in soil many will die if not medicated until they are old enough for bodies to handle it. Adding here: chicks are old enough to handle high concentrations at around 10 weeks of age. Also adding that many of us don't use medicated chick starter. It costs a buck more a bag and unless you know you have a problem isn't needed at all.
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  4. RedShuffler

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    Sep 26, 2016
    Ideal replied to my email this morning and have taken care of the issue...........good folks to work with. Anyone can make a mistake, how it's fixed speaks volumes and Ideal came through with flying colors. I'll buy from them again when I'm ready for my next batch of chicks. I'm going to order vaccine and administer myself. Thanks for the replies.
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    Apr 9, 2014
    How did they "take care" of the issue ?

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